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Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance individual beauty through active lifestyle triggered products that are socially beneficial and support the environment.
Our vision is to make a difference in the Athleisure and Beauty industries through highly ethical products that will measurably and impactfully change peoples’ lives. We’re here to awaken the potential of an active world fuelled by clean air. A world with healthier people and sustainable oxygen giving environments.
We are the first beauty product designed to work during exercise and also leverage the before and after exercise moments. There are two key triggers required to activate our hero product: exercise (any type) and oxygen to fuel the exercise. Thus, these are the two areas we are supporting through education and inspiration for our audiences and with donations from every product sale. We are working with Forests Without Frontiers to reforest areas in Romania and the UK and reinstate rich biodiversity.
Achillea has at its core three key components: exceptional know-how, clean and transparent supply chain, impactful and measurable contribution to the world around us.

& Hearts

At Achillea we tread carefully and care about the environment – land, plants, oxygen. We make our products slowly, thoughtfully and with a lot of love and respect for the environment. The wildflower meadows, the ancient woodland and the spring waters are our resources and we want not only to preserve them, but to shine a light on their conservation. Whilst being the first beauty product designed to work during physical exercise and also leverage the before and after workout moments.
Achillea products are produced in Romania and packaged in England and have one hero herb ingredient that can be found throughout the line – yarrow or Achillea Millefolium in its Latin denomination is shrouded by tales of folklore and can be found beside hedgerows all across the UK and Romania. The miraculous powers of this humble plant have been used for millennia to heal and soothe. Named after Greek hero Achilles, who legend has it, used it to heal his wounded soldiers. We are not only preserving the age-old tradition of using yarrow as a healing herb for its calming, multi-purpose benefits but we’re also hoping to provide inspiration to other brands to discover and leverage more the local, honest herbs as this will not only support biodiversity but also help cut the need for harsh, environment damaging ingredients.

Our Values

Integrity and Respect for the environment

Clean ingredients that support local flora and fauna

Packaging that’s 100% recycled and recyclable (minus the bottles’ caps, please see packaging section

Ethical treatment for employees and support for local communities

Supporting a healthy, active lifestyle

Continuous product development

Honest and transparent supply chain

High-performance formulas that don't compromise on ethics