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Exercise is one of the key pillars for physical and mental wellbeing, alongside sleep and nutrition, so we wanted to leverage its benefits further by launching the first complete range of products specially crafted to be utilized and activated during a workout.
After three years of research and expansive testing, we have developed a unique formula that is based on natural, but scientifically proven actives that boost hydration, reduce pore clogging and redness and deliver an uber glow. All this goodness comes packed in the first 100% recycled and recyclable bottle, box and postal packaging. We are proud to be the first brand that brings together beauty, science, athletics and nature in a circular economy approach with the environmental cause at its heart and doing good for the planet as its purpose.


Legend of
The AHA moment came back in 2018 during a boxing class when Laricea’s face was crying for “a drink”. Being super passionate about face care, she was longing for a product that works as hard as she does during exercise time. A formula that celebrates physical activity (no matter what that is!), sweat, heart beats, but also the environment and ultimately the oxygen that fuels all sports.
Laricea came together with Andreea in 2018 to channel their love for nature and knowledge of high performing natural ingredients into a celebration of active lifestyle, healthy and happy skin and environmental support.
We focus on a unique state of the face that only occurs throughout physical activity – this particular occasion allows us to leverage the skin’s mode to address various concerns. There is no other time during the day when the skin finds itself in such a profound circumstance, thus we cleverly take advantage of it. Our line of products that complement the during exercise toners have been designed specifically for active women to maximize the benefits of active ingredients in a short space of time.