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Slide We craft exercise triggered beauty products that are also triggering positive social and environmental change. Slide We are amongst the first brands to design a beauty product dedicated to the times when a woman is active. We are however the only ones who formulated a product that is entirely triggered by the heart rate going up, the blood flowing and the body exercising.
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The AHA moment came back in 2018 during a boxing class when Laricea’s face was crying for “a drink”. Being super passionate about face care, she was longing for a product that works as hard as she does during exercise time. A formula that celebrates physical activity (no matter what that is!), sweat, heart beats, but also the environment and ultimately the oxygen that fuels all sports.


Working out increases blood circulation which brings new nutrients and oxygen to the cells which improves cellular turnover, collagen production and the delivery of active ingredients. There is no other time when the skin finds itself in such a profound circumstance and we want to leverage it. We are the first and only ones to do it.


At Achillea we tread carefully and care about the environment – land, plants, oxygen. We make our products slowly, thoughtfully and with a lot of love and respect for the environment. The wildflower meadows, the ancient woodland and the spring waters are our resources and we want not only to preserve them, but to shine a light on their conservation.

Our Purpose

We’re here to awaken the potential and importance of an active world fuelled by sustainable oxygen giving environments and honest ingredients that support local flora and fauna. We exist to inspire an active lifestyle that also enhances the skin through clean and environmentally awesome formulas.

The Ritual

Self activated beauty

Our products

Our hero product,an industry first, exercise ignited mist that packs a powerful punch of benefits that leverage the skin’s unique state and prevent the common side effects of your workout.

The equivalent of a post workout smoothie for your face, Kick some dirt has been engineered to soothe and purify even the most sensitive and irritated skin.

In a delightful gel-like texture, Jelly by now provides a serious min-spa feast for your post workout complexion.

A featherweight, skin-nourishing spritz that is brimming with hyaluronic acid, to attract water and maintain moisture levels during exercise.

This is your warm up equivalent for prepping the skin before exercising. A no-rinse cleansing water that effortlessly lifts makeup, dirt and pollution in seconds, whilst toning your skin.


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